Saturday, 11 January 2014

Allergies Suck

I'm usually really good with the whole food restriction thing.  But every once in a while something happens.

Today I went to the farmer's market at City Hall in Edmonton.  We were walking around and someone asked if we would like to try some samples.  It was at an indian stand.  I saw that they had gluten free signs so on the off chance I asked if they had some that were also free of tomatoes and onions.  Oh and also eggs and dairy. To my surprise she said yes!  We got some chicken samosas.  We then walked around the rest of the market picking up a few things.

When we got home I took a look at the package, to my dismay it said that one of the ingredients was onions!  I felt so taken advantage of!  It reminded me of another indian farmer's market booth where the same thing happened.  The last time I noticed while I was eating it.  I emailed the address on the package to express my frustration.  She replied back quite promptly saying:
I am so sorry. We usually dont add onions to our samosas hence the mix-up. I think it is our old label and we have since stopped adding onions. That being said. If you'd like, I can make a fresh batch for you for next week.
It was too late though, the despair had already set in.  I'm sure I will feel better once I have a few good meals.  Now all I can see is what I can't have.  Normal tacos with tomatoes and real cheese, grilled cheese on fluffy white bread with gooey melty cheese, toast that is moist and soft on the inside, fresh made pasta with a cream sauce ...

I know it will get better but today is not a good day.