Monday, 6 May 2013

As it feels like summer is coming ...

As today it felt like summer was finally going to come back.  As I write this I may actually have a bit of colour in my cheeks from being out in the sun on my breaks from taking a course at work.  25 degrees and sunny on May 5th in Fort McMurray?  Yes please!  It reminded me of the great meals I had last summer sitting out on the patio. 

I hope I can enjoy this sort of meal in a few weeks when I am back home (and hopefully it will be this gorgeous out too!)

Salad version 1 - I love using sweet chili sauce as a dressing
That would be marinated pork, with my homemade Vietnamese bbq sauce

Salad version 2 - mmm cucumbers

Homemade hummus with red pepper and paired with green tea :) 
Check out the jickama (got at CO-OP), I had to find it after I tried it in Mexico

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