Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Gound beef at Mom's house

I remember as a child that we had ground beef all the time.  I'm not joking.  We would eat ground beef in pasta sauce on spaghetti.  We would have ground beef with tomatoe soup on macaroni - we would call this one More.  I would usually eat More with a stick of celery as a spoon, the spoon would gradually get shorter as I ate.  I would use about 3 spoons for a meal ;).  Mom would make homemade hamburgers using some stone ground oats and using this lovely tupperwear hamburger press.  She would also make frikedella, a Danish meatball. That recipe usually had oats, some onion and a bunch of other items that would make it not so appealing to me.  Tacos!  We would also have tacos with ground beef.  My sister and I got really good at cooking ground beef and breaking up the chunks as we stirred.  It was also a talent at cooking it from frozen without ending up with a giant block of meat that was burn on the outside and frozen on the inside.  The trick with that was to let it just turn colour, flip it, and then scrape the cooked bits off with the edge of the spatula.  Repeat about 10 times until the frozen bit was so small that you could break it into little bits with the edge of the spatula.  Make sure to keep breaking up the other bits as they were cooking or you'd end up with big lumps.

When I was staying with my parent's last fall Mom and I made a few meals using the standard block of frozen ground beef. 

Episode 1 - ground beef, bragg's soy seasoning (or maybe it was balsamic vinegar), frozen broccoli, and red peppers in one pan.  Thickened with a bit of corn starch.  On some of my favourite flat rice noodles from the Asian section of Superstore.

Episode 2 - Ground beef, chopped celery, perhaps some spices (not sure what she used) on a bed of spaghetti squash.  The parents had the beef mixed with tomatoe sauce.
Ground beef has many possibilities.  Don't forget meatballs and meatloaf!

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