Sunday, 5 May 2013

Christmas Smorgasbord

I grew up in a house with one dane and mom of british and scotish descent.  We tried to blend the traditions at Christmas.  To honour the Scandinavian tradition we would open one gift on Christmas Eve with the rest being opened on Christmas morning. 

We would also have a Danish Smorgesbord on Christmas eve followed by a full turkey dinner on Christmas Day. 

So what is a smorgasbord?  It's a feast in many courses.  There are traditional sandwiches that you can make.  We have this lovely cookbook from the Danish museam which outline some of the different sandwiches. (I might add some detail later when I'm back home.)  Needless to say it's full of rye bread, white bread, cheese, tomatoe, mayonnaise, hard boiled eggs, Italian salad, deli meats, frickedella, ramoulelle... notice a pattern?  Most of which I cannot eat.  Surprisingly I was able to enjoy with some minor modifications.

I stuck to one sandwich and modified it in the following way:  Earth's Oven corn bread, prosciutto, cucumbers soaked in vinegar (a traditional Danish thing, tangey and quite lovely), and daiya cheese loaf in jalapeƱo pepper.

Merry Christmas! (yes this is a very belated post, I know that it's May)

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