Saturday, 18 May 2013


So last night I had the pleasure of going to Jubilations dinner theatre.  We saw the Big Boom Theory.  I have to say the acting and the vocals were so awesome.  The songs that were picked matched the plot perfectly and the actors were even in character during the songs.  My favourite is when Lenard sang a backstreet boys song with backup vocals by Sheldon and Howard, complete with choreography that was amazing.  (It kinda helped that he was pretty hot.)  I also loved noticing that Howard kept changing his belt buckle, that was an awesome touch.  But to get down to why I'm writing ... the food!

The food was awesome!  They were able to accommodate my allergies with no trouble at all.  I called the afternoon before and they were very good about taking all the information.  When I got there the waitress was expecting me.  I had soup!  I usually only expect to get the main course and perhaps a salad.  They made me a special soup.  From what we could figure out it was pumpkin with turnip and perhaps some carrot.  For spices I believe there was nutmeg and coriander and perhaps cumin.  Delicious.  Then I also got salad with a balsamic dressing.  I had a choice of entre!  I could have the beef, the chicken or the tuna steak.  I chose the prime rib.  It was cooked to a beautiful medium.  It had gravy and horseradish.  It also had carrot, snap pea, red pepper and baby potatoes to accompany it.  Then to top it off I got desert as well!  I even had a choice!  I could choose fruit cup or apple pie.  I went for the pie.  It was sweet.

So, on the allergy friendly side Jubilations is very highly recommended.  On the entertainment side, also well recommended.  Even recommended for eye candy, though the actor was not overshadowing my date ;)

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