Friday, 9 August 2013

Chiantis - Edmonton

Most people hear my allergies and rule out italian food, I had as well.  I used to eat wheat pasta with tomoatoe sauce and cheese all the time.  It was my go-to food.  With my restrictions with wheat/gluten, cheese, tomatoe, dairy and onion I thought I would not be able to go out for italian again.

When my wonderful friend and manager at Chiantis and I were looking to go out for food we were having difficulty thinking of a place.  She mentioned that she could feed me at her work.  And that renewed my love affair with italian food.

She orders me wonderful things like gluten-free pasta with hot oil or lemon oil sauce and fresh vegetables.

Garlic and olive oil with hot pepper flakes
Peppered Salmon with pasta with a lemon olive oil sauce

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