Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Home-made Goodness (aka I have the best boyfriend)

So when I started dating this lovely guy he started cooking for me.  It has been a delicious adventure.

He made pancakes using a gluten-free flour mix.
It was an awesome idea, next time we will use a gluten free recipe.
Both removing the gluten and the eggs require a specifically tested recipe.
It tasted great though ended up a bit doughy.

Another breakfast.  Gluten free vegan french toast!
An awesome combination of coconut milk, banana, cinnamon and nutmeg.
Also check out my default juice mix, cranberry + orange.

Again some coconut milk and cocoa powder and not sure what else.

Scrumptious adobo chicken.  Oh.  So.  Good.

Marinated salmon steak on a bed of brown basmati rice, boiled asparagus and salad.  
Those are brussel sprouts sliced thinly and pine nuts on the top.
I am definitely spoiled!

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